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Relationship Counseling


Relationship Therapy

Are you and your partner feeling a little rocky in your relationship? Or maybe things are fantastic and you want them to continue that way? Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, can be a perfect way to start improving and healing while also helping to resolve conflicts. Many people think that relationship therapy is only for times when we’re struggling, but it can also be used to increase intimacy, connection, and understanding. These skills can help build a rich and meaningful relationship. This type of therapy generally includes both partners. However, if your partner doesn’t want to attend these sessions, you can choose to work with a therapist alone. Trying to mend a relationship with only one person is definitely difficult, but you can still gain insight about your own behavior within your relationship.

Marriage counseling can be beneficial to heterosexual or homosexual couples, whether married or not. It’s a great tool for preparing for marriage, understanding each other better, or helping to find common ground.

If you have a specific subject that is a major concern, it can be addressed in counseling. Your counselor will help you and your partner address communication difficulties, sexual complications, conflicts and disagreements about raising your family, substance abuse, financial problems, anger, and infidelity. Domestic violence can be addressed in therapy. However, sometimes counseling isn’t enough. If you feel you are in danger, or fear for your safety, contact the police, a local shelter, or a crisis center for support immediately.

In your sessions, the two of you can begin to make understanding and helpful decisions. These decisions will help rebuild your relationship, or support both of you while your lives go in different directions. Your therapist can act as a mediator or a referee between yourself and your partner, making counseling a safe place to talk and share your emotions.

You will start to learn communication skills and how to problem solve effectively. Your therapist will help you and your partner evaluate and examine both the good and bad parts of your relationship. This will enable you to find, and understand, the sources of your conflicts.

If you’re having a difficult time with your relationship, finding a resource that can help is a crucial step in mending your bond.

Deciding to go to marriage counseling can be hard, but we’re here to help.
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