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Therapy for Depression


counseling for depression

When you're struggling with depression, your thoughts and feelings can be extremely hard to deal with. Negativity and dark moods can distort your view of reality, which makes feeling better extremely hard to do. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, can give you tools that will help you handle challenging negative thoughts. After a while, CBT can even help to change the way that you perceive the world.

Treating depression can help to shorten its course and can help with reducing physical symptoms. Depression comes with constant negative thoughts, usually called automatic thoughts. These thoughts occur without conscious effort and can be extremely detrimental to mental and physical health. In therapy, you can learn to recognize and correct negative automatic thoughts. After a while, you'll be able to discover and correct sincerely believed, but false beliefs that contribute to depression.

The amount of time that you'll need therapy varies from patient to patient, but generally the benefits from cognitive therapy come quickly. Results come in weeks rather than months or years.

Depression shows how closely linked the mind and body are. People who are depressed generally feel bad physically, not just emotionally.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps both the mind and body feel better by increasing energy, helping with sleep, and improving appetite.

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